About us

LMR stands for Love, Music & Respect!


And this is exactly what this label, based in the Netherlands, stands for.

This label is the result of our Love and Respect for the electronic dance Music. And that’s exactly what you’ll hear in each of our releases. We believe that house-music should bring you a special, undefinable but unmistakable feeling and that is what we try to accomplice with each of our release.


The label management is in the care of Dutch DJ/Producer MRZENES. With 20 years of experience in the scene he knows exactly how to bring this undefinable feeling to the tracks of every LMR release. In addition to his own experience he has many music friends who complement, support and work with him accomplish those LMR worthy releases.


At LMR we believe that music sells itself and we invite you to listen to our releases and decide for yourself if our music brings you that undefinable feeling and suits your musical needs.


Just Love the Music and Respect for each other.